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    Come along to our 
    Volunteer Recruitment Fair
    Thursday,  4 June 2015
    10am – 3pm

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    I was very active in
    my country,

    I need to be active
    here as well

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    Don't think about volunteering. DO IT!

    Roger Froggatt

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    Volunteering has given me a chance to further my ambition and career.

    Rosie Henry

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    Connecting volunteers and organisations.

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    If i were not volunteering, i wouldn't know all of these people who are helping me.


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    Having a learning disability makes me try ten times harder to prove that I can do it.

    Adam Butcher

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    Volunteering can help breakdown barriers in a way that everyone benefits.

    You too can get involved!

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    The greatest reward and satisfaction is making a positive mark in someone’s life.

    Maxwell Magadzire

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