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Download & explore the latest volunteer roles:

Aged 18 or over?   Open & download the Volunteer Centre Bulletin

for a list of the latest roles registered with
us. We have many more that you could 
explore at our drop-in service.


Aged 13 - 17?            Open & download the listing for 13 - 17s

for a full listing of roles open to volunteers
aged 13 - 17. Each role includes the 
minimum age requirements.

If you see a role you like, you can use the contact details included with each role to contact the organisation.

If you're aged 18+ there are many more roles you could explore by visiting our drop-in service.

New service to apply for roles. You can:

Search online for roles in Sheffield  or  Login or Register here

Our service allows you to:

  • Search & apply for volunteer roles
  • Register & get email updates on new roles
  • Manage your profile
  • Sign up to the Volunteer Bank and organisations will be able to look up your details and contact you if they have a role that fits your interests.

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