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Employee volunteering

Employee volunteering, also called employer supported volunteering (ESV), has a particular magic. It not only benefits the employees who volunteer and the organisations they volunteer for, it also benefits the employer.

If you're an employer why should you support your staff to volunteer? 

Because your employees will develop skills, leadership and morale and your reputation will be enhanced within local communities.  Click on Why support your staff to volunteer?

A workforce encouraged and able to take part in the great adventure that is volunteering is a workforce that will remain loyal to its employer. Such a motivated workforce is likely to more productive.
John Wright, Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses

Why work with employee volunteers if you're a volunteer-involving organisation? 

Because you will have teams of people willing to carry out major tasks and individual employee volunteers may be able to bring high-level skills and experience to help your organisation develop.  

Ready to get going?  Click on Set up your own employee volunteering.

The volunteers were all lovely people.  We were over the moon with the results.  They brought exactly what was needed for the job and paid for the materials from their own budget.
Louise Ellison, Greenhill Bradway Youth Centre


Set up your own employee volunteering programme

Find organisations who welcome group and employee volunteering

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