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Good Practice Resources

The Volunteer Centre facilitates the development of good practice in volunteering through learning from the many organisations we work with.  By ‘good practice’ we mean what you can do to make volunteering work positively both for the organisation involving the volunteer and for the volunteer. 

For an overview of the range of services we offer, please see our We involve volunteers page.

If you are involving volunteers, apply for the Sheffield Volunteer Standard, a locally developed quality mark recognising good practice in volunteer management. 

Good practice guides

Getting Started

Equal opportunities and diversity

DBS Checks, Health and Safety, Insurance and Legal

National guides, research reports and Shared resources

  • The Social Value of Volunteering - Andy Haldane, Chief Economist, Bank of England
    In a speech to the Society of Business Economists on 09/09/2014, Andy Haldane discussed volunteering and its contribution to the economy and wider society, asserting that that the societal gains from volunteering are potentially large, but largely under-appreciated. 
  • Volunteer Internships in the Voluntary Sector - NCVO
  • New Alchemy- Volunteering report from nfpSynergy
    The world of volunteering, charities and the wider economic, social and political climate have changed. With this in mind, we spent six months working on this report, surveying over 500 volunteer managers and carrying out more than 20 in-depth interviews. 

Micro Volunteering Guides:

Volunteer Management Software

Template forms

Translated Resources

We have produced a range of translated resources with useful documents to help you involve refugee and asylum seeker volunteers.

These include:

  • Flyers about our project and about volunteering
  • documents to help you involve volunteers in your organisation (e.g confidentiality statements)
  • documents for use with service users (e.g. consent forms)
  • pro forma Letters (e.g. appointment letters)

These can be downloaded from our translated resources page

Additional guides available from