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I'm a young person

Under 18?

We aim to help anyone who wants to volunteer and there are some organisations that do involve younger volunteers.

We maintain a monthly listing of voluntary roles open to under 18s which you can download or sign-up to receive by e-mail:

  • 16-17s     most of the roles listed are open to your age group
  • 13-14s     there are some opportunities open to 13+ or 14+

Click here for the list of roles open to 13 - 17s

Other options:

  • Talk to your school about helping you get into volunteering – there may be opportunities you don’t know about, or the school might be able to develop opportunities
  • With the help of a parent or guardian, contact local community centres, youth groups or churches to see if they run activities that you could get involved with
  • if you would like to speak to an advisor please visit our drop-in service, Mon - Wed 10am – 4pm
  • You might like to try Get Connected which is a website for young people aged 13-19 run by Sheffield Futures. 


Under 13?

You could still volunteer with support from your parent a parent’s or guardian’s support & consent) but we are not aware of any formal volunteering for under13s. You could explore possibilities in your local area with the support of your parents or carers.