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Does your charity website need redesigning?



Could your charity website benefit from a redesign, or do you know one that could?

The Transform Foundation website grant programme will be providing £18,000 grants to charities to fund the redevelopment of their website to; increase their ability to raise funds, more effectively serve their beneficiaries, and raise broader awareness of their cause.

If you’re a charity interested in redeveloping your website then click here for more information on the grant programme and how you can apply. 

Any type of non-profit organisation may apply, but successful applicants typically have an income of between £350k and £30m. Smaller charities with ambitious plans can apply, and larger charities can apply for specific campaigns.

The Transform Foundation places paramount importance on sustainable and scalable projects that make a difference to the greatest volume of people. 

To apply for the grant or to find out more details, see here.



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