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Nuts & Bolts

This guide gives a practical approach to involving volunteers and the video below introduces you to our way of developing inclusive volunteering roles.

This came from our New Beginnings refugee project that started in 2004 and our work helping organisations develop an inclusive approach to volunteer management.

This exercise (see p6 and p16 of the pdf or the video below) works well with a group of people and enables you to identify and visualise all the key things you want from the role, identify concerns and look at ways to address them.

It is a simple principle of breaking down roles or tasks into their component parts, actively challenging yourself to see how you can make the role accessible to a diverse group of potential volunteers and ensuring that you are clear about the skills you need volunteers to have already, and what training you can offer.

We now use this approach with all organisations we work with.

Download Nuts & Bolts - a how to guide to involving volunteers

Template polices - sample forms and task profiles are avaiable to download from our Good Practice Resources page.

Watch a video of the post-it note exercise.  This gives an illustration of how the exercise works. See below.