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Start volunteering

There are many ways to start volunteering and some might work better for you.
Here are the key routes available through the Volunteer Centre and some questions to think through before you start. 

Come to our drop-in & speak to an advisor


  • You will speak to an advisor face to face
  • The advisors are volunteers so they can see things from your point of view. And if you’re not too sure what kind of role you’d like to do they're in a good position to help you work it out.
  • Find out more about what happens at our drop-in service

Search online for roles in Sheffield:

​Search on-line 

Login or Register

You can now:

  • Search & apply for volunteer roles
  • Register & get email updates on new roles
  • Manage your profile
  • Sign up to the Volunteer Bank and organisations will be able to look up your details and contact you if they have a role that fits your interests.

This is a great way to explore volunteer roles, especially if you clearly know what kind of role you like. You'll also be able to see what roles are available before you come & see an advisor.

Get the Bulletin

Here you can download a list of the latest volunteer roles

There are two lists to choose from:

  • Volunteer Centre Bulletin - a general listing of the latest roles, around 70, registered with us over the last 6-8 weeks. We have many more roles not listed; to see these you’re welcome to visit our drop-in.
  • Bulletin for 13-17s – a list of all roles open to people aged 13-17

Visit the Bulletin page 

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