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Asylum seeker from Ethiopia
Volunteer at St. Vincent Da Paul Furniture Shop

I am living in Sheffield, waiting for my status. In my country, I did a lot of work for what we call NGOs – these are organisations that help people, and are not connected to the government. We worked especially on projects, road construction, building schools.

I am happy to do more work to help people. In Sheffield, I volunteer at a charity furniture store. The good thing about this work is it gives me experience on the computer. In my country, I never used the computer.

I’m happy, really, at this placement. It’s not difficult. Everyone is friendly. Everyone is laughing. My English really improves.

I want to learn skills. My dream is to learn. I want to do business management, maybe a specialist in agriculture, or project management. For that, I want to learn English more.

At the charity, I am happy to help the people. For example, we might give a bed to someone that doesn’t have a bed. Like in my country, we are happy to help people.

My manager wrote me a reference. Maybe in the future I get my status, and I get a job where I help people as well.

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