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Claudia is from Chile. She has a Degree in French, Languages and Literacy.

She worked in Chile for a bank as financial advisor for 6 years. She is married and has 1 child. 


She came to the volunteer centre to improve her English and get accustomed to the UK work environment. She did not have much confidence and needed the support of her husband to come to the appointment in our office.
We matched her with a voluntary role at The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) Charity Shop where she volunteered for 9 months. The Conservation Volunteers help people to reclaim their local green places.  Through their own environmental projects and through their network of community groups, they help people take responsibility for their own local environments.

The Charity shop where Claudia volunteered was set up to generate funds for the organisation. Her role was to help the manager with the daily running of the charity shop and support customers as well as helping with sales and merchandising.

Volunteering has helped her improve her English because she had to serve (mostly) English customers who came to the shop to buy second hand goods. As a result Claudia is far more confident and independent, now comfortable going to appointments on her own as she is able to express herself.

This in turn also helped her improve her job prospects and get her first UK work reference. She now has a job as support staff at a local private school in Sheffield. She says without this volunteering, she would not have had this job.

“She gave me a very useful reference letter and I will be happy to volunteer again at this shop as soon as I have the 
time. It has been a pleasure working as a volunteer alongside Denisa and her team. I also want to thank you (VAS)
for making it happen!”


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