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Volunteering means exploring new adventures and developing new skills

Darren has volunteered with many organisations in Sheffield. Positive and passionate about volunteering, he told us about his experience and what he's gained from being a volunteer.


Why are you a volunteer?

I do it because I like exploring new adventures and developing new skills. Volunteering gives you new ideas-you learn from other people. You’re making a contribution to society, even though you’re not working.

What volunteering have you done before?

I’ve helped disabled people at a horse riding centre, been an escort for community transport, and done gardening.

What’s your current project?

I’m gardening at LEAF Allotment which is a great place.

What have you gained from being a volunteer?

It’s a broad church-you meet a lot of different people and everyone’s really welcoming. I’ve learnt a lot. I know more about caring now and I’ve developed my communication skills.

What would you say to someone who’s considering volunteering?

Come to the Volunteer Centre-don’t just pick something randomly, it’s done properly when you come to the drop-in. The advisors go through subjects and ask you if you’re interested in them, help you look at your options and find something you might not have thought of.


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