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I Learn for Life

Where do you volunteer/in what role? I’m at Learn for Life, which provides classes in English and other languages to people-primarily asylum seekers and refugees. I initially thought about teaching English, but at the moment I’m helping with lots of different things-reception, events and funding, and helping people complete application forms and make phone calls.


Why did you start/why do you do it? I heard that they needed more volunteers, so I applied. I had a day off a week and I wanted to use it. Also it’s five minutes’ walk from my house and it’s really enjoyable. 


How do you balance your time between volunteering and work? I choose my hours, so it’s usually five hours a week on my day off, and if there’s anything else I can do on social media I just fit it in while I’m at home.


What do you enjoy about it? It’s varied, I’m meeting new people who are really interesting, and I’m using my skills to help people who really need it. Hopefully they’ll feel a bit more welcome in Sheffield now.


What would you say to someone who was considering volunteering? Good on you-go for it! And remember you can claim your bus fare back.

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