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I the Ethel Trust

Keith Levy, Small Groups Development Worker and ethel trust volunteer.

Where do you volunteer? I am an unpaid trustee of the 'ethel' trust. 'ethel' provides day and residential outings for marginalised individuals on its community barge. (see

What do you do and where are you based?  My volunteering is managerial and administrative and takes place in Sheffield. Our barge is based in Thorne, Doncaster from which the majority of outings takes place.

Why did you start volunteering? I was asked in the mid 1990s by people involved with 'ethel' if I would support 'ethel' develop its management structure.


How do you balance your time between volunteering and work? I can fit my volunteering quite easily around my paid work because:

  • I work part-time and
  • the bulk of what I do: manage 'ethel`s' books, develop policy and strategy is done on-line.   

What do you enjoy most about it? I enjoy reading evaluation forms returned by users as they point out the real difference 'ethel' has made to individual lives.  

And what would you say to someone who was considering volunteering? Speak with people involved in the organisation you are thinking of volunteering for and have a go.

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