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Mick: 'didn't want to be a couch potato'

I started volunteering just basically to get confidence and do something rather than sitting in the house all the time.  I didn't want to be a couch potato.

I started volunteering for Green Estate about five months ago.  I was interested in gardening work and knowing more about plants and shrubs.

If you're not working volunteering can help you get experience in a different way to doing training for something like an NVQ (National Vocational Qualification).  I've learnt new stuff like how to make honey from the actual beehives while volunteering at Green Estate.  It's helped me do what I want to do in my life - to get out, get fresh air, be active and meet new people.

I didn't know what volunteering was before a worker at Manor Community Space* told me about it. Now I say to people who haven't volunteered before: ‘Just get out of your house and start volunteering!’


Rosie, Volunteer Coordinator at Green Estate:  

‘Volunteers like Mick are fantastic for Green Estate.  Their skills, experience and personal qualities bring enormous benefits to the local community and as a volunteer with Green Estate you get experience and opportunities that you can apply to many other life situations. Our volunteer roles cover everything from educational visits to working on the farm, to park maintenance and café work.’

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If you’re interested in volunteering with Green Estate contact Rosie on

 07799 195960  or  0114 267 7627

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