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Najma-interviewed for Volunteers' Week

Najma is a Volunteer Ambassador, visiting groups and talking about how volunteering can benefit everyone. We interviewed her for Volunteers' Week 2015:

Why are you a volunteer?

Volunteering is a really good way to show you're interested in an organisation and make an effort to do something, to spend your time wisely.

Why did you decide to become an Ambassador?

Having been someone who was looking for volunteering in the past, I wanted to open doors to volunteering for other people. It's a really rewarding position.

What volunteering have you done before?

I was a volunteer teacher for three years at my local mosque, and now I tutor children individually. I've also done fundraising for the Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, one off conservation days, and a "Right 2 Education" project, helping girls at a local school develop their entrepeneurial skills.

And what are your current roles?

Apart from being an ambassador, I help complete grant applications for carers at Sheffield Carers' Centre, and mentor someone on my university course. I'm balancing university work with my volunteering at the moment!

What have you gained from being a volunteer?

The main thing for me was that it set me apart-the university academics took me on and said the experience I had was "outstanding" compared with other applicants. Volunteering really helped me in terms of confidence and skills. Volunteering is so flexible, it's really down to you and you can get so much from it.

And what would you say to someone who's considering volunteering?

Don't think twice-go for it!


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