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Refugee from Karen area of Burma Volunteer at Victoria Hall Methodist Church café

“Osuwa!” This is “hello” in my language, Karen.

When I came to the UK, I already had my status. I had permission to work, but I think my English is not good. I have a little niece, I look after my niece. I go to English college 3 days a week. I also volunteer one day a week at a café, which is part of a Church.

I like the volunteering that I am doing, I think it is good thing. At the café, the people there are friendly. I think my English gets better. I like the older people, they are very kind. The favourite thing for me is serving the coffee.

This work at the café is easy for me, so if possible I want more experience. Maybe in an office.

At the café, the listening is important. The people are talking very fast and you have to listen carefully.

In my country, before I wanted to be a nurse. I couldn’t go to college, because I was living in a refugee camp. When I speak English better, I will look for work.

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