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Translated information for refugees

These translated documents are here to give information about volunteering in the UK and how we can help at the Volunteer Centre

The following documents can be downloaded:

New Beginnings Project Flyer

This has information about what volunteering is and explains the service we can give to refugees and asylum seekers. It answers the following questions:

  • What is a Volunteer?
  • What are the benefits of volunteering
  • Will I get any money – Will it cost me anything to volunteer?
  • Can asylum seekers volunteer?
  • Do I have to tell the Job Centre?
  • What level of English is needed?

Available in: EnglishAmharicArabicBurmeseFarsiFrench, and Tigrinya

Volunteering information for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

This has information about how to choose a volunteering opportunity. It explains some of the rights, responsibilities and expectations both the volunteer and the organisation have. It also has a section explaining what a CRB / Police check is

Available in: EnglishAmharicArabicBurmeseFarsiFrenchKurdish (Sorani)SomaliTigrinya and Urdu.


We also have a page on Translated resources for organisations involving refugees