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Useful links

Association of Volunteer Managers

Lively, useful site with interesting debates and good updates and information.

Institute for Volunteering Research

An offshoot of Volunteering England, this site has a wide variety of research publications about volunteering.


A national social networking site for volunteers and managers of volunteers with debates and news.

KVPMs (UK Volunteer Programme Managers)

A UK wide peer support group for managers of volunteer programmes to swap advice on issues in volunteering and volunteer management.

To access this site you need to register with yahoo groups.  You set up a yahoo email account, but you can then receive emails from the site at the address of your choice.

KnowHow NonProfit

Part of NCVO, they produce good practice guides and support to 'Help Civil Society Flourish'.
Click here to see their Volunteering guides

NAVSM (National Association of Voluntary Services Managers)

Association supporting managers of voluntary services within health and social care settings in England.  There are resources and you can join to attend local networking meetings.

NCVO / Volunteering England

NCVO and Volunteering England merged in January 2013 and some features of the Volunteering England website are now on the NCVO website.

The Volunteering England site still has an excellent Good Practice Bank with fact sheets on all topics relating to volunteering.

The NCVO site has information on policy, research, statistics and acreditation. 

Voluntary Action Sheffield

VAS provides support, advice and training to the community and voluntary sector.  It supports networks and partnership working so the voluntary and community sector can contribute to Sheffield's development, work and services.