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Why support your staff to volunteer?

Encouraging employees to volunteer can be good for the individual, the community and business.

Employee community involvement generates morale, motivation, commitment and performance.
Good Companies, Better Employees, The Corporate Citizenship Company

Employee volunteering is recognised within the civil service and local authorities as playing a very positive role.

Employee volunteering can help improve the way government works by enabling civil servants to engage with and understand the needs of the public better and improve the services they offer as a result. 
Gordon Brown

Organisations and companies that have employee volunteering programmes have found that:

  • employees are proud to work for them
  • employees gain new skills and motivation
  • reputation is enhanced
  • partners want to work with them
  • investors want to invest in them

Employee volunteering can also bring:

  • greater understanding and respect between co-workers
  • realisation of personal capability
  • creative approaches to problem-solving.

Now that the administrator has worked side by side with the team manager she feels much more confident in approaching him at work.  
Civil servant (Department of Business, Innovation & Skills) volunteer.

For more information on the business case for employee volunteering, click on Volunteering England

Volunteering was a fantastically motivational experience …  which … enhanced a team spirit at work.
Civil servant (Department of Business, Innovation & Skills) volunteer.