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Sheffield Volunteer Standard

The Sheffield Volunteer Standard is a locally developed quality mark giving independent recognition that an organisation manages a structured volunteering programme, based on consistent policies where volunteers receive a high quality, positive volunteering experience.

This Standard will raise the quality and profile of volunteering locally and help volunteers identify organisations that will provide them with safe and rewarding volunteering roles.

A certificate will be awarded to organisations who can demonstrate that their volunteering programmes follow agreed good practice principles.  Evidence including all relevant policies, procedures, role descriptions and additional material will be reviewed by a team of trained assessors.  It is valid for three years, after which organisations need to apply again.

12 organisations committed to the standard as early adopters and formed the team of assessors.

They are:

  • Disability Sheffield
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
  • Homestart South Yorkshire
  • Sheffield University (Students union)
  • Manor and Castle Development Trust
  • SOAR
  • Sheffield Cathedral
  • South Yorkshire Housing Association
  • Sheffield Hallam University (Students Union)
  • St Lukes Hospice
  • Sheffield Mind
  • Whirlow Hall Farm Trust


The strategic purpose of the standard is to:

  1. Raise the profile of volunteering and volunteering good practice.
  2. Raise the quality of volunteer management and promote excellent organisations.
  3. Give volunteers a high quality, positive volunteering experience

Why should my organisation apply?

The Standard demonstrates that your organisation is committed to good volunteer management and that you really value your volunteers. It will:

  • Ensure that that both you and the public know that your programme is robust and well run
  • Raise your profile and reputation locally as a good organisation for volunteers to join
  • (Organisations will be listed on the Volunteer Centre Website)
  • Encourage new people to volunteer with you (Your roles will be featured first in the Bulletin)
  • Peer review by local experts will help to improve your policies and practices.

By applying you will be supporting the development of good practice and shared resources across Sheffield. The best policies and resources will be promoted raising the overall expertise in Sheffield.

Sheffield Volunteer Standard Commitment

If you manage volunteers well, read our commitment and then contact us if you would like to apply for the standard.

Apply for the Sheffield Volunteer Standard

For more information about the standard please contact Paul Harvey, the Volunteer Centre Manager - Click here to email

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be allocated to a team of trained assessors on the 1st working day of each month. 
Teams will assess the application within one month of allocation.

Support to achieve the Standard

If you would like support to complete the documentation, or need advice or guidance to meet the criteria please contact the Volunteer Centre.

See more at: contact the Volunteer Centre.