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Translated Resources

There are occasions when it is worth using a translated document just to be certain that people fully understand. We use these documents regularly and hope that they will help you.

The following documents can be downloaded:

New Beginnings Project Flyer

This has information about what volunteering is and explains the service we can give to refugees and asylum seekers. It answers the following questions:

  • What is a Volunteer?
  • What are the benefits of volunteering
  • Will I get any money – Will it cost me anything to volunteer?
  • Can asylum seekers volunteer?
  • Do I have to tell the Job Centre?
  • What level of English is needed?

Available in: EnglishAmharicArabicBurmeseFarsiFrench, and Tigrinya

Volunteering information for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

This has information about how to choose a volunteering opportunity. It explains some of the rights, responsibilities and expectations both the volunteer and the organisation have. It also has a section explaining what a CRB / Police check is

Available in: EnglishAmharicArabicBurmeseFarsiFrenchKurdish (Sorani)SomaliTigrinya and Urdu.


Volunteer Confidentiality Declaration / Statement

This can be used as a part of a volunteer’s induction to ensure they fully understand what they are signing. It explains what personal, sensitive or confidential information is and that this should not be discusses externally
Volunteer Confidentiality Declaration / Statement – English
Also available in AmharicArabicBurmeseFarsiFrenchKurdish (Sorani)SomaliTigrignya and Urdu.

Volunteer Feedback forms

These are translated versions of Volunteering Impact Assessment 'Core Volunteer Questionaire' developed by the Institute of Volunteering Research
Available in English (MS Word or pdf) and AmharicArabicBurmeseFarsiFrenchKurdish (Sorani)SomaliTigrignya and Urdu.


Consent forms (Data Protection forms)

These forms ask service users to give their consent so you can record and keep their personal information.
Available in EnglishAmharicArabicBurmeseFarsiFrenchKurdish (Sorani)SomaliTigrignya and Urdu.


Pro forma Letters

It is always a good idea to confirm an appointment made over the phone in writing. People often mishear the date and can easily forget if they have a lot going on in their lives. These letters have proved really useful. We also use a mobile phone to text appointment times to people. This is cheaper than a stamp and very effective although you can’t put as much information in a text.

Volunteer Appointment at the Office
Available in EnglishAmharicArabicFarsiFrenchKurdish (Sorani)SomaliTigrinya and Urdu.

Volunteer General Appointment letter
Available in EnglishAmharicArabicFarsiFrenchKurdish (Sorani)SomaliTigrinya and Urdu.

Volunteer Missed Appointment Letter
Available in EnglishAmharicArabicFarsiFrenchKurdish (Sorani)SomaliTigrinya and Urdu.

End Support Letter
Available in EnglishAmharicArabicFarsiFrenchKurdish (Sorani)SomaliTigrinya and Urdu.

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